How to Support Foster Families and Foster Children

When you have a love of children but don’t have the resources to actually foster them, there are many other opportunities to help.  We have made a list of ways to volunteer your time and energy to help Foster Children.

Become a Respite Care Provider

A respite care provider is approved by the state and can be a welcome helper in a time of need to care for the foster child. Any adult left responsible for the child must be approved by the state. A Foster Parent is unable to call on a babysitter or family friend in case of an emergency. Here are links on how to become a respite care provider.

Foster Adopt Connect –

Kennedy Krieger Institute –

Board of Child Care –

Become a Court Appointed Special Advocate

You can volunteer to be the voice of a child in foster care by becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). A CASA volunteer gets to know the foster child and communicates with everyone involved in the child’s life, such as foster parents, teachers, relatives, and medical professionals. They are able to make recommendations to the judge regarding what is best for the child.

CASA for Children –

Kids Alliance –

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer your time to help with homework, tutoring, or reading to a child. Become a mentor and volunteer with the Big Brother Big Sisters organization. The opportunities are endless. Contact your local foster care agency to see what kind of help they need.

Big Brother Big Sister Program –

Kids Hope USA –

Foster Care to Success –


Foster children usually arrive at their first placement with very little possessions or with nothing at all. The small stipend the state provides is hardly enough. Foster Parents purchase what they need out of pocket. Agencies often collect items during holiday seasons. A gift of necessary items or cash donations are always welcome at your local agency. Here are a few other good organization that would welcome donations.

Together We Rise –

Think of Us –

Help a Foster Family

Being a Foster Parent is a hard job. It’s more than providing a home and being there for the kids. It’s the day-to-day grind of working with the government and attending meetings while the chores around the house are left undone. Volunteer your time and talents by helping around the house with laundry or meals.

We’ve compiled information to help those considering adoption or becoming a foster parent. Please read or collection of heartwarming adoption stories.